Interview with the Founder of Fulfillment Center Pack4you, Branislav Lipan

Anyone who has ever dealt with fulfillment for e-shops knows how demanding this process can be, both financially and timewise. Pack4you is a company founded to bring a personal approach to clients in fulfillment services. Pack4you aims to provide for both established and new e-shops with flexibility, innovative technologies, and procedures that will help take your business to the next level.

We spoke with the founder, Mr. Lipan, to learn more about how Pack4you operates and how it can help e-shops achieve efficiency in fulfillment.

– Pack4you helps e-shops with storage and fulfillment so that e-shops can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Can you tell us how the idea for creating Pack4you came about?

– Yes, of course. We consolidated warehouse spaces for two companies in which I am a partner – a drugstore e-shop and a company for distributing advertising materials. We had enough available warehouse space, and our workers had additional capacity. And the idea came to start a fulfillment company that would provide small and medium-sized e-shops with the opportunity to relieve themselves from the demanding processes of receiving, storing, and processing orders. Our clients gradually increased, the space filled up, and we saw that our work made sense.


– Pack4you has its own software that simplifies the synchronization of e-shops and the importing of products from your customers’ e-shops into your system. Tell us how this system is innovative and different from other fulfillment companies?

– Software is important in our work and helps connect stock cards, orders, and other valuable information. For us, it is more important that automation does not turn our clients into numbers. Our strength lies in the willingness to communicate, advise our customers, and always be available for them. In today’s world of tickets and forms, we want to remain personal and want the customer to know that they can call us, write an email, and we will reply and resolve their request.


– Let’s say I’m the owner of a small e-shop and I need help reducing storage and logistics costs. What can Pack4you do for your customers, and how significantly can you reduce and streamline these otherwise costly activities for e-shop owners?

– Taking care of a warehouse and workers is quite an expensive matter. Rent, equipment, staff, insurance, responsibility for operations, and other costs must be carefully considered by every e-shop owner. They should compare these costs with the calculation we can prepare for them after a consultation and demonstration of how it works at Pack4you. Based on this, they can make a responsible decision. If a small e-shop owner packs goods themselves and stores them in their own house, over time, instead of improving their e-shop, they may end up dealing with buying boxes, filling materials, taking packages to the post office, and instantly packing. If they value their time by an hourly wage and include it in the costs, the comparison almost always favors us. Savings for small e-shop owners are around 30% of costs.



– Many e-shops today do not focus only on one local market. E-shops are trying to expand to other countries, which, of course, means an increase in courier service costs, storage, etc. How can you help e-shops that operate in different markets or are planning to expand?

– We can significantly reduce the delivery costs of their packages for these e-shops – within neighboring countries and EU countries, this often means saving tens of percent, with delivery costs often being the highest component of the total cost of packaging and delivering an order. We in Pack4you can deliver to neighboring countries in a D+1 schedule at favorable prices, and we only cooperate with professional courier companies.


– According to your website, you assist with crowdfunding campaigns for e-shops. Can you explain how this cooperation model works for start-up e-shops?

– A large number of our clients are companies that have taken off thanks to crowdfunding, as well as new entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector. We strive to recommend favorable conditions to these entrepreneurs, help them choose suppliers for e-shop solutions, and provide our know-how in the form of free consulting. Our interest is that our clients do well, develop their business and activities, which in turn brings us an increased volume of work.


– Your website also includes a price list for your services, which helps e-shop owners easily see how much your services will cost them. Do you offer special services/discounts for larger e-shops?

– Yes, of course, we assess each customer individually when setting prices. We invite them to visit us, introduce them to the functioning system, and go through their needs, whether general or specific. Some customers want to use their own tape for their packages; others want special and precisely defined packaging. We strive to understand what the customer needs, discuss what we can achieve, and if we find common ground, we offer the customer a price list of services with potential discounts based on volume, complexity of requirements, and other specifics.

If you would like to know about fulfillment services from Pack4you, feel free to contact via phone or e-mail.