Campaign: Strauss Café Poland

At the turn of May and April 2018 we recur successful campaign with Voucher for Strauss Café Poland Sp. Z o.o.. The company’s eshop – mkfresh.pl specialized in sell and distribution of varied kinds of coffee and coffee beans from all around the world – Asia (India and Indonesia), Africa (Ethiopia and Kenia), Central America (Nikaragua, Costarica, Guatemal, Salwador) or South America (Brazil and Columbia).

Each coffee has unique flavor structure, intensity and acidity, so everyone can each his/her own. All of the coffees are burn exclusively for clients in workshop of brand Strauss Café Poland. Now, by using the Voucher code, which is distributed by PAKIET PLUS network, online clients can enjoy fresh burned coffee nov 20 zlotys cheaper.


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