What if we were to tell you that you can reach millions of online shoppers with strong purchasing power with a powerful offline marketing tool – package inserts?

Let´s  have a closer look at the data of one of our client´s campaign using discount vouchers. Factcool´s campaign was running for 6 weeks in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania. During this acquisition-brand campaign DL format vouchers and coupon catalogues were inserted into 1.900 000 million packages, reaching online shoppers with actual purchasing power and high intent to purchase.

With very precise segmentation that we offer to our clients, was able to reach women aged 18-45, with interest in beauty and lifestyle, household, family, media and hobby, technology. Their current and new customers alike received 10% discount voucher on all of the items.

With this 6 weeks long campaign, Factcool was able to acquire new customers, increase their online sales, strengthen their market position and increase loyalty of their customers.


However, Factcool is not a single case of a successful campaign. In a recent campaign Vasco Electronics achieved 194 % ROI from their campaign with BALIK PLUS. Their campaign was running on Slovak and Czech market for 6 weeks. Their discount vouchers were inserted into 200.000 packages.

In 11 years on the market we collaborated with the biggest e-shops in the CEE region such as Tesco, Tescoma, 4Home, Phillips, Astratex, Answear, Notino, Insportline, Mobelix, Stoklasa and many others. Among the most popular products of these well-known brands are our DL vouchers, BALIK PLUS Envelope and BP Loyalty.

Our Coupon catalogue is a popular product among smaller e-shops who wish to communicate their brand to over 80.000 customers in different markets with lower budget.

If you are still bit sceptical about the power of offline marketing, look at these numbers from a recent study about the power of print media.

Package inserts are a great advertising tool focused on acquisition of new customers.

According to current research, the intent to purchase is 40% higher from printed ads than from digital ones. People tend to spent more time with printed ads and read them more precisely than ads in digital space. Even though we live in a digital era, printed media is still the 3rd most powerful marketing tool.


At BALÍK PLUS we believe that a strong marketing strategy includes mix of different marketing tools – offline and online. The importance of digital marketing is indisputable today. Nonetheless, we need to remember that offline marketing is not dead and  it remains still a powerful tool.