Partnership in the BALÍK PLUS network

1.BALÍK PLUS is your partner to generate additional revenue in

We let you achieve attractive additional revenue easily and without much effort, and it’s all completely free of charge and without obligation. We put you, as an online merchant, together with other advertising partners to achieve an additional added value for your customers.

Find out more and become a part of the BALÍK PLUS network
with an attractive provisional model.

Earn money for sending packages by inserting advertising attachments.
Give your customers added value in the form of discount coupons, free gifts and samples.

Only 4 Steps from registration in the BALÍK PLUS network to the first reward

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Log in to the BALÍK PLUS network

Sign up to the BALÍK PLUS network through our website. Registration is free.

By confirming the registration e-mail, your personal account at the BALÍK PLUS network will be activated. Upon registration you will be able to start receiving advertising attachments for insertion into packages.

Ordering and Delivery of Advertising Attachments

For each material for insertion, we will inform you in advance through your personal BALÍK PLUS account, as well as via e-mail.

After receiving your confirmation, we will send all the details about the advertising attachments, quantities of each attachments and date of delivery to your personal account.
Advertising attachments will then delivered (at our cost) to your specified shipping address.

You can start inserting the materials into parcels and begin sending them immediately after receiving the delivery of attachments.

Status Report

Please update the number of distributed attachments in your personal BALÍK PLUS account at least once a week, so we can better plan capacities and monitor the progress of sending advertising attachments.

Based on your reports we determine whether the volume of advertising attachments that you received will be sent in the near future and we can plan and supply you with new materials to be inserted.

Termination of Sending Attachments and Payment Acceptance

Once you have distributed the complete amount of the provided attachments, just use the system to confirm that you have successfully inserted all advertising attachments and sent them to customers. After confirming insertion completion, the reward allocated to this specific advertisement will be added to your monthly account. Every month, by the 15th day of the following month, you will receive a statement of your account and your fee will be transferred to your bank account.

Please note that we conduct mystery purchases in order to check whether your shipments were accompanied by the required advertising attachments. Contribute to the quality of the BALÍK PLUS network! Only high quality can ensure that we will be able to continue to supply you with new advertising attachments.

Do not hesitate to contact us in any case.

Recent Posts

Coupon marketing is not only a tool for online shops

Naturally, at the first sight, Vouchers and voucher codes are associated with a fashion or cosmetic industry, due to their largest number on the market. But BALÍK PLUS campaigns, in which the advertising materials are inserted to the packages and distributed through a specially created network of online partners, are not exclusively dedicated to e-shops specializing in fashion, footwear or cosmetics.  This marketing channel may also be used by websites of all kinds. The best example of this is the recent cooperation between polish-brand BALÍK PLUS and

booking2 for 23 years has offered a constantly growing database of hotels and apartments to spend the night. Customers also benefit from flight bookings, car rentals, and airport transfers. Today, the company has offices in 70 countries and its website is adapted to 43 languages, which undoubtedly proves its international success.

However, the company’s global position is not a reason to stop marketing activities. On the contrary, they should be planned and successfully repeated. In April 2019, began working with the Polish subsidiary of BALÍK PLUS to create a campaign to attract new customers and promote the brand image in Poland. A coupon with an attractive form of money back promotion has been distributed. Customers who booked accommodation on using a special line could receive up to 100PLN or refund after their stay.


The results of this campaign were extremely positive and therefore it was decided to cooperate in another promotional campaign, not only in Poland but also in the Czech Republic. We are convinced that this further cooperation between BALÍK PLUS and will be successful!

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