By using the BALÍK PLUS wide network of partner e-shops in Czech Republic and Slovakia, we´ve managed to reach over 200.000 online shoppers with promotion of Vasco Electronics products.



Increase profits from online sales
Acquisition of new customers
Brand awareness and stronger position on the market


Discount voucher - DL


Inserting discount vouchers into packages


2021 to 2023

About Vasco Electronics

Vasco Electronics is an electronic translating device with 108 world languages and free infinite internet connection. Because of their translating solutions that help people around the world break language barriers, Vasco has become one of the  leaders in translating solutions market. Apart from individual clients, Vasco Electronics collaborates also with several organizations, both public and private.

Campaign in numbers

200 K
18 – 45
male and female
Campaign in numbers

About the campaign:

  • Campaign Type: acquisition-brand campaign
  • Scope: Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • Products: DL Format Discount Coupon (Single side and double sided)
  • Network distribution: 6 weeks
  • Reach: 200,000 packages
  • Audience: active online buyers – women and men aged 18 – 45 years
  • Segmentation: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, Household, Media and Hobby, Technology


Acquisition- brand campaign

Campaign goals:

  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Increase sales from online purchases
  • Brand awareness and stronger position on the market
  • Increased customer loyalty

Campaign interactivity:

Voucher code -10% for purchase of Vasco translator at their e-shops –,


Part 1 of the campaign – Acquisition:

Communication tool: Exclusive vouchers inserted into packages of selected e-shops

Printed discount vouchers lead to maximum result when it comes to acquisition campaigns. With the right segmentation we could´ve target only precisely selected group and gain and activate new customers.

 Benefits of acquisition campaign:

  • Possibility to select precise target group
  • 100% reach of online customers
  • Strong brand visibility
  • Active support of brand campaign


Part 2 of the campaign – Brand awareness:

Communication tool: Exclusive vouchers inserted into packages of selected e-shops

Exclusive printed vouchers were distributed to precisely selected target group. Goal of the brand campaign was to gain new customers an increase brand awareness on Slovak and Czech market.

Target group segmentation

Each campaign for Vasco Electronics lasted 6 weeks and thanks to the precise segmentation we offer to our clients, we managed to reach active online shoppers – male and female, aged 18-45 years who are interested in fashion, beauty & lifestyle, household, media, hobby and technology.

Campaign results

Precise segmentation of target group, discount voucher from Vasco reached the right customers, who purchased their translator. These purchases led to a whooping 194 % ROI for the company.

The combination of brand and acquisition campaign helped increase brand awareness and with market position on Slovak and Czech market.

Furthermore, the added value of discount voucher lead to a higher brand loyalty and increased trust in the brand.

Data show that despite the power of digital marketing, print ads are still a strong medium that lead to successful campaign. If we look at numbers, the purchase intent is 40 % higher with printed advertisements than with digital.

Thanks to a great marketing mix in which Vasco decided to include our services and insert marketing, the company managed to increase awareness in 2 big markets in the CEE region, increase their profits and gain new customers.


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